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New kits; 2022/23 edition (23/24 kits trickling in)

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2 hours ago, Bully Wee Villa said:

Quite like the new Clyde away kit. It's a shame our home kit is shite and more or less the same colour anyway.

indeed,the away kit seems utterly pointless given the home colours

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7 hours ago, Derry Alli said:

feels a bit fraudulent as these aren't actual kits but some of them are stupidly gorgeous.


Some of them are decent, not sure what the criteria for the city is though, half of those aren't the capitals

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4 hours ago, ArabGaz said:

That Everton kit reminds me of the screen you used to get when waiting for Dizzy to load up on the Spectrum.

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It reminds me of pillowcases my mum had, and were popular in the 60s.

However, is it a genuine Everton kit, or a windup? It’s not on their website. 2nd shirt is pink and navy, 3rd is white.

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Villa aren't happy with their Castore kits and how they're handling sweat.


I always had the impression that Castore were a brand that cared more about appearing luxurious/prestigious then making products that were good for doing things like actually playing sports

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