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Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road


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Just now, Empty It said:
4 minutes ago, Sheep62 said:
Carlsberg Thursday
One half embarassed in Europe
The other half greeting about Scottish Cup ticket allocation
And to keep the Tic followers happy, I might have a small alcoholic beverage when I get home from work.



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2 minutes ago, LincolnHearts said:

£20 :lol:

Could've fed a dozen mhanks for a week.

May consider this in future. 

If it makes you feel better I lost an 8 game accumulator last week because of Madrid at home, of all teams. 

Price was so bad I don't know why I even bothered. 

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Guest Bob Mahelp
1 hour ago, LincolnHearts said:

The only accident is Sutton. Dhick of a man.

Part of the lunatic mhedia corps who perpetuated the insane idea that Celtic could still win the tie after losing the first leg 2-scud at home. 

Celtic have been f*cking garbage in Europe for years, and have improved not a jot under Rodgers. They're complete cannon fodder for any semi-decent European side. 

Edited by Bob Mahelp
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2 minutes ago, The_Kincardine said:

Your team was getting reamed and your first thought was about a jaked-up, Rangers-supporting, Tory-arsehole living in a squat in South Bucks.

The amusing thing is that no c**t is surprised.

Never off the Celtic threads you eh? 

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