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BBC World Cup VR App

John Lambie

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Heard them talking about it earlier so gave it a bash.    It's superb!   Future of arm chair fans / ex-pats wanting to see their team. 


^ Went behind the goal to see Tunisia's penalty.   Screenshot was a wee bit after it. 


^ "Stayed" after the Belgium v Panama game and caught some boy with a Scotland flag.


Not sure if it's available for iOS but here's the link for Android.    You don't need a headset but it's not the same without.    Cardboard and the plastic things work well.   If you've a head set,  get a pair of headphones on also - the stadium sound is very good.


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Watched the last half hour of Germany vs Mexico on this with PS VR headset  - will watch more as the tournament goes on. I liked that you could watch from behind the goal like you've posted there but superimpose the main camera angle top and centre.

It definitely needs a bit of work- more camera angles, mute commentary (especially if England playing), maybe social media integration (as the screen you're viewing is so massive there's plenty of space) but I think this could properly take off, with Sky selling e.g Man Utd packages, where you get a "seat" in Old Trafford for every Man U home game.

Also, it is obviously a very solo experience and if it was Scotland or Thistle playing and I couldn't be at the game I'd rather be down the pub. Plus it's a b*****d to try and find your drink with a headset on, maybe they need to build cup holders into the helmets.

Also just looking at your screenshot there the android app seems to have more to it than the PS4 one with highlights - the PS4 one has live games and some pointless clips of teams training and that's it.

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Aye,  I dinked my can off the headset then gave up on the beer.    I'm buying some straws tomorrow. 

When you look down on Android you get stats, the players and information on the game.     Look back up and it minimises. 

My phone gets roasting after 20 minutes on it.    2k screen so the resolution is pretty good but whenever the app plays the highest stream either my internet or phone can't handle it and it buffers then goes back to a lower resolution.   I can handle the lower res but it keeps thinking it can achieve the highest and buffers all over again.

Full re-runs of all the previous games are available bar one.   There are 13 on it but we've had 14 games.  It doesn't look like the Poland v Senegal game is live tomorrow either. 

Agree - crowd noise only - like Sky Sports did many moons ago. 

Thistle having this was my first thought after giving it a go.   4k or 8k screens, 60/120fps with better connectivity would be fully immersive.   The tech can only get better and I'd buy my seat at Firhill every other week if I couldn't get there. 

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