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BREAKING news from the Daily Mail:



An Indian man filed for divorce from his wife after discovering that she had a beard and spoke like a man, it has been reported. 

The husband said he had not seen his wife's face before their wedding day because she wore a veil.

'After spending seven days with her, I went out of town for my job. After returning, I noticed she was growing a beard, and also realized that she sounds like a man.'

Have any P&B chaps ever bailed from their arranged marriage, or unwittingly blind dated/shagged/wed a woman with a beard?

Any P&B ladies ever recovered from the horror of discovering their man couldn't grow a proper manly beard?

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I worked with a guy who had served in the Royal Navy.  While on shore leave he and his sailor pals went to a brothel in Kenya and purchased some of the services.  in the middle of getting a blow job by one of the brothel employees the guy realised that he was actually getting his sock cooked by a man in a wig.  He just decided to go with it, as he'd already paid his money.

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