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Best Match You've Seen Live

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Saw this on another forum. 

Personally I've only ever been to random WWE and TNA house shows as well as the Raw and Smackdown tapings in 2016 (and a couple of random ICW events i was too pished to remember). 

The best match I have probably seen was Beer Money vs The Dudley Boys in a mental tables match at Braehead. They put on a good show and brawled all over the camp.

So has anyone witnessed any legendary bouts live and in colour and what was your favourite?

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Never seen proper big stuff. Seen plenty big names over the years.

Susumu vs Shingo in Oxford on the first Dragon Gate UK show was quite something. Glasgow Street Fight with the Gold Label and an ICW collection of guys was an amazing experience.

Matt Riddle vs WALTER in Birmingham for PROGRESS was a brilliant big man match. I'd probably have that as the winner.

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