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St Mirren v Sellick

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So who will be in the home dugout McIntyre, Good-win , Caldwell, McPherson. Whoever it is has a job in their hands to sort out the Stubbs creation of signing none first team players along with a none league player who cost £75,000 and can't get near the first team, seriously you could not make it up. Of the game , formality Celtic win , as long as I see a spirited display from the Buddies I will take that as a positive. On Bute so can't make the game so two Celtic mates coming round to watch the game and have a few beers they are good guy's so won't give me a hard time. 

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10 hours ago, Arch Stanton said:
11 hours ago, Navallion said:
St Mirren to win 1-0 with an own goal from Griffiths, only problem the St Mirren fans will take about half an hour to realise they've scored.

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Probably a reference to the big delay between our goal on Saturday and us celebrating. I noticed it on Sportscene :lol:

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I won't be at this, off to my mates stag weekend in Magaluf from the Friday to Monday,  this will be only the third Celtic game in Scotland i've missed in four seasons, with the other two consisting of a defeat then a draw im hoping the improvement by game will see a comfortable win.

Will Saints have a manager in place by then?

3-1 Celtic, goals from Forrest,  Griffiths and Sinclair. 

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