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West of Scotland 4th Round Draw


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Oban Saints v Thorn Athletic

Crookston Castle v Garrowhill Thistle

Strathclyde Uni v Harestanes

Kilbride Thistle v East Dunbartonshire

Neilston v South Lochaber Thistle

Blanytyre RGM v Shortless

Tynecastle v Campsie Minerva

Hurlford Afc v Goldenhill

Easthall Star v St Pat's

Motherwell Thistle v Southside (ssml)

Cambria v EKYM

St David's v Third Lanark

Ardeer West v Dumbarton Academy

Colville Park v Bannockburn

Ardrossan v Irvine Meadow

Stewarton v Glasgow Uni

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16 hours ago, Redondo said:

Oban v Thorn

Cambria v EKYM

Blantyre v Shotlees 

Cracking ties

Colville v Bannockburn

Tie of the round , look forward to the build up for that 1!!

You seem to like Blantyre a lot, what’s your affiliation with them? 

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Fancy Thorn to knock Oban out, the other big ties r too close to call for me. May be Bannockburn's time to get 1 over on Colville but could go either way. Cambria v EKYM another very close 1 , Cambria off the back of 2 very tough Scottish games, can they lift thereselves for a 3rd week on the bounce? I'll go EK just to shade it. Shortlees, Harestanes , St Pats, Goldenhill & Dumbarton all to proceed to next round. 

Best of luck to all involved!!


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Dunno much about glasgow uni but am sure stewarton would a been hoping for a better result than that today. Glasgow uni any good?

Glasgow Uni were excellent, by far the best side we’ve played all season. No excuses they were far better all over the park. They’ll be hard to stop if they keep their squad together
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Guest Mick Kennedy
4 minutes ago, Chris3 said:

3 Saturday morning teams winning again. 3 clean sheets, class to see!!

Congratulations to them all, 

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4th Round Results

Ardeer West Recreation AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE)  3 : 3
ET: 3 : 5

Ardrossan Castle Rovers AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Irvine Meadow AFC (Ayrshire AFA)  0 : 3

Blantyre RGM AFC (CSAFL) Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA)  0 : 1

Cambria AFC (CALE) East Kilbride Y.M. AFC (CALE) Postponed

Colville Park E AFC (CSAFL) Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) Postponed

Crookston Castle AFC (GGPAFL) Garrowhill Thistle AFC (CSAFL)  3 : 1

Easthall Star AFC (SAFL) St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL)  1 : 10

Hurlford AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Goldenhill AFC (SAFL) Postponed

Kilbride Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL)  0 : 1

Motherwell Thistle AFC (SAFL) Southside AFC (SSMAFL)  0 : 2

Neilston AFC (SAFL) South Lochaber Thistle AFC (GGPAFL) Postponed

Oban Saints AFC (SAFL) Thorn Athletic AFC (CALE)  3 : 1

St. Davids AFC (GCAFA) Third Lanark AFC (CSAFL)  2 : 3

Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Glasgow University AFC (CALE)  1 : 5

Strathclyde University AFC (CALE) Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) Postponed

Tynecastle AFC (SSMAFL) Campsie Minerva AFC (CSAFL)  2 : 0

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The 5th round draw  will take place on Tuesday 22nd January and will be live on periscope from 6pm. Teams in the draw:

Crookston Castle AFC (GGPAFL) 
Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE) 
Irvine Meadow AFC (Ayrshire AFA)   
Glasgow University AFC (CALE) 
East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL)
Oban Saints AFC (SAFL)   
Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 
Southside AFC (SSMAFL)  
St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL)  
Third Lanark AFC (CSAFL)  
Tynecastle AFC (SSMAFL)

Cambria AFC (CALE) or East Kilbride Y.M. AFC (CALE) 
Colville Park E AFC (CSAFL) or Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) 
Hurlford AFC (Ayrshire AFA) or Goldenhill AFC (SAFL) 
Neilston AFC (SAFL) or South Lochaber Thistle AFC (GGPAFL) 
Strathclyde University AFC (CALE) or Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) 

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