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St Johnstone vs Hearts 05/12/2018

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1 minute ago, The Tackle said:

Yeah maybe I got onto the M80, saw the weather,  heard the traffic report and just turned off at the junction which takes me home :lol: I will get to Perth one day. It's the only ground I haven't been to out of all the teams in this year's top flight.

You're missing out tbh. Weekend games are a bit dour, but under the floodlights, it's magical :wub:


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16 minutes ago, The Real Saints said:

Drey Wright is injured. Ach well, we can select Danny Swanson instead. Oh wait, Danny Swanson is injured. Ach well, we can select Blair Alston instead. Boom. Goal. Too easy.

We look worse for Alston being there, he's so slow to close down Mitchell and gives him a free run constantly. That second goal is down to him standing 12 yards off Mitchell and letting him build up a head of steam to go by him.

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Dominated but two awful goals to concede, feel like the keeper couldve got both quite easily.

Alston a massive downgrade on Wright, despite his goal. This is a worry if Swansons out for any length of time.

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