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This time with Alan Partridge

Billy Rubin

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12 hours ago, Bully Wee Villa said:

I was shockedto find out that Piers Morgan is a humourless twat. 



*not shocked. 

"Literally, nobody is now watching. I watched it last night." -- Piers Morgan

Well, quite.

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“People say, how did going veggie help you reconnect with your daughter? Well, it’s to do with going to the toilet. I never realised it could be so utterly painless. And swift. What was once a gentle migration is now a rapid exodus, leaving me with a free half hour of extra time every day”

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I'd like to tickle your pink... err, tickle you pink

I get myself checked out whenever I undergo a significant change in lifestyle, be it enjoying regular sex again after a hiatus, or feeling down in the dumps and not really knowing why.

everyone from colonoscopists to Morrissey. 


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I think this has been a hit so far, seen a fair few "not very good" reviews for it, but also some absolute belters. I think I enjoyed episode 2 and 3 more, just because I knew the setup of the show and what to expect. Episode 1 was really outlining the way the show ran, and I think I was more concentrating on that.
2 and 3 have been excellent though.

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