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Alesha MacPhail case


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Members of the public diving in two footed with their outrage boils my piss in these scenarios. The legal system is meant to be blind. If someone is legally entitled to an appeal then thats all their is to it. Doesnt matter how heinous the crime you cant rewrite the rule book.

His appeal will come to nothing no doubt, but EVERYONE has certain rights. You might not like it, but you wouldnt like it if you were denied legal due process because of public perception.

And yes, he is a horrible, horrible little c**t of a human who deserves all of the suffering a person can suffer.

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On 3/29/2019 at 07:17, Dee Man said:

Nothing to do with this case obviously, but a "gangland lawyer" in Melbourne has recently had a court order suppressing her name lifted after she was exposed as a police informant, passing on details of her clients and helping to get them convicted. Makes you wonder if this is a common occurrence. 



easy to work out where her connection with criminal gangs had its roots...



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