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Stranraer v Raith Rovers

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Aye McKay will solve all the problems, 2-0 down after 23 minutes. I was all for that kind of line up today as well, but I think players like McKay and Matthews tend to get better the less they are actually in the team. Thomson in goal again. Oh John.... :( 

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Mckay isn't the answer. 
However to bring in two wingers, a midfielder and a striker in the window and not touch the defence is unforgiveable. 
Completely agree. We have scored one more goal than Arbroath but conceded, after the 2 so far today, 11 more and only 4 clean sheets. To not recognise that as an area which needed addressing is criminal.

McKay I feel for. He's played no first team football all season and then chucked in with another change of keeper, a right back who's not a right back and a bang average midfield.
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10 minutes ago, Wardy said:

Oh he will be. Don’t you worry small C.

I'm sure he will with the dickheads we have on the board I hope all the fanboys will dig deep to help bolster the squad next season. To put it simply put your money where your mouth is! The previous manager got serious grief  for losing the title on the last day this clown lost it in December. No other manager would get away with this shit it's gone beyond a joke it's only a small group of fanboys on here that actually back him.

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