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NCAA Basketball 2019


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Figured I'd start this and see the interest. My local team UNC is on a roll although they looked far from great tonight squeaking a win at Clemson and Roy Williams having to leave after a vertigo attack. Duke favorites if Williamson comes back to win it all but he has been 'hurt' since the shoe burst.  Fun times ahead.

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Mental finish between Auburn & Virginia. Auburn thought they had it with 3.5 secs to go, but minimally fouled a 3 point attempt with 0.6 on the clock. Fair doos to the Virginia player who, under extreme pressure, sank all three FT's to put his side 1 up. Auburn's Hail Mary attempt falling a foot wide at the buzzer.

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I loved John Thompson because he was the first Black coach to lead a team to the NCAA men's basketball championship. He's a great man! Though to be completely honest I've only started getting into basketball after I traveled to Lithuania for an exchange year and saw how the entire community of one of their cities was evolved around the Zaligiris Kaunas team. Maybe some of you heard of them. Either way, after I came back home I was really fascinated about the sport, not that I didn't like it before, but now there was something special that I was intrigued by. I read a lot of nice articles on its history, all the rules, everything. I can link my favorites if you want because they are amazing reading materials even for more dedicated fans. Honestly basketball team have the best fanbases in my opinion, you can't convince me otherwise.

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