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The road to the seaside league

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I know that the championship clubs are still building their teams right now but, with all due respect, I don’t think Arbroath will be able to build a team that’ll compete this season. 

You can never say never though as Alloa may well struggle a bit this season too. 

Short of a team doing a falkirk, and we could be that team this season if SC doesn’t get it right with the team he is building, I fear that one of these two could be this seasons whipping boys. 


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1 hour ago, 1320Lichtie said:


Starting a new thread to try and get bites is shite banter, there's already a league prediction thread to do that in


Oops, so there is. 

Are you lot favourites for the drop in that one as well? 

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24 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

You'll live forever as you are a spambot. Albeit and advanced one with a rich and convincing backstory. 

The good die young and I’m the antithesis of good.

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