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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


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Absolute cracking deal on offer at the moment - part of E3 offers I think. Not sure how long it'll last so be quick if you want it.

Basically Microsoft are combining Xbox Gold and Game Pass into Game Pass Ultimate and for the princely sum of £1 you can convert existing Gold and Game Pass subs into Ultimate.

Works for up to 3 years subs so if you have 3 years of Gold you can upgrade to 3 years Utimate for £1 or whatever subs you have. Obviously makes sense to extend your Gold sub and then upgrade as the the £1 offer is a one off and once used has gone. If you have an existing standard Game Pass that will also count towards the upgrade. You also get the extra month by turning on auto renewal - remember to turn it off again afterwards.

Also includes PC Game Pass to play games on a PC.


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I recently picked up a cheap One S and the Game Pass has been fantastic value, it's a no brainer to combine Gold + Game Pass for a £1. It's just a shame there will be no more 360 games added for backwards compatibility any time soon.

Microsoft really seem to have got their shit together at the end of this gen.

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I am unable to get in touch via email with Microsoft for XBOX Live request for information, Live chat and email dont appear to exist for them. I am interested in this Ultimate Upgrade deal and was about to purchase it when the last screen suggested its actually £10.99, ill try to explain. 

1. on my xbox i click on Gamepass Ultimate Upgrade, which shows 91% off at £1.

2. I click on this and it takes me to a screen explaining that ill get xbox ultimate for £1, and this will apply to my prepaid xbox live gold membership, this still sounds great, my understanding at this point is that ill be paying £1 per month untill my gold subscription ends, correct?

3. i click continue and the next screen which is to pay for said upgrade now says " £1 for the first month, £10.99 there after" it does not state that it will be £1 per month for the remainder of my subscription, instead its 1 for 1 month and 10.99 for every other month. 

My friends have said this is a major typo from microsoft, they say that my understanding in section 2 above is correct not 3. 

Can someone clarify or if you know please tell me how to speak to someone at microsoft about this via email. 

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