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The Undertakers Greatest Matches.


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After all these years of wrestling, what has been everyone’s favourite wrestling match.

Mine is Wrestlemania 25 against Michaels, closely followed by the Hell in a Cell match against Mankind.

With so many to chose from I was wondering what everyone else thought.

Also add in if you agree he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year.

I would like to see another Legend induct him, Hulk Hogan.

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1. Mania 25 vs Michaels

2. HIAC match with Michaels.

3. Mania 26 with Michaels.

4. HIAC match with HHH at Mania 28.

5. No Way Out 06 vs Kurt Angle.


So many matches against Lesnar, Edge or Batista would be just outside the top 5 for me. Also the Mankind HIAC but that's not particularly great in terms of actual wrestling. Iconic due to utter stupidity and for Mankind's bravery that night. 

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I think all of the really good ones are already covered already but I have hugely fond childhood memories of Taker vs Jake the Snake at mania 8. The spot on the outside blew my mind back then!!

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His Hell In a Cell with HHH at Mania 26 was one of my favourite matches ever. It was a great match and a lot of fun. One I usually watch leading up to Mania.

Taker v Rock v Angle Vengeance 2002 is really good. The last match ever shown by Channel 4 I think!?

Taker v Edge one night stand 2008 was really fun as well. Taker going through the 4 tables off the ladder.

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I loved that they went back and did the last Brock matches after the disappointing Mania match, showing what the two guys were actually capable of doing with each other.

EDIT: I actually enjoyed that cell match more than the early 2000s one.

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For me it has to be the casket match vs Yokozuna at the 1994 Rumble.

The actual match may not have been great as you're fairly limited how far you can go with Yoko, but I'll always remember it for being a fantastic and memorable expression of what the Undertaker was all about.

Old school Paul Bearer with the face painted and the urn, the old traditional organ music (American badass?!  Pfft!)

The phenom was that dark you could hardly see him as he walked down the the ring :D

All the heel wrestlers crammed into the ring trying for ages to beat him down but him not giving in, eventually stuffing him into the casket only for him to still be alive, speak and 'rise up'

You wouldn't get such theatrics now as it'd be seen as ridiculous, but back then as a wee boy it captivated me.

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