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Striker up for sale

Darvel legend

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I think it was more a figure of speech than literally. He does have stacks of ability but doesn’t have the head/commitment to apply it - was what he was meaning, sure he will confirm? And again career - meaning what he could have done as far as junior/possibly senior football is concerned not FT[emoji2359]

Happy pills good a take it?? [emoji1787][emoji1690]
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Then, Maybe I’ll take a happy pill 🤪
Had a crap day, 7 hours Jury duty in the high court today[emoji42] and back again tomorrow and the next and the next, with the possibility of another week or two.
Yeah. I need a happy pill [emoji23]
Edit. I took geo 1909’s post at face value [emoji5]. Sorry

Your alright mate - never let personal life get in the way of the beloved game [emoji460]️[emoji289]

Moffs certainly made an impact since coming in, everyone content up there?
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