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Who broke the SJFA website?


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I was going to blame a certain individual that's just left his post but he's probably asking, "Does the SJFA have a website? And what is a website anyway?"

It’s working although you wouldn’t think so from the home page.
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Works fine on Firefox. Maybe they're just blocking you for appearing to stick up for the racist auld c**t the other day just after he'd given them the perfect excuse to finally show him the door.

P.S.....I know you weren't really...but it did look a bit like it on initial reading. I don't think you've ever had that many red dots since you had measles.

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I just think there was a bit of hypocrisy about things. Had one of the other ones made the remark, would there have been the same clamour for him to resign? Would it be in the papers?

I reckon an apology would have been offered......possibly more sincere, and likely accepted. It just most clubs will at one time or another have had a grievance with him. I know his fixture scheduling once cost Largs a hell of a lot of money. A game against Talbot that could have been played on a Saturday when Talbot still had a chance of winning the League and Largs had a chance of avoiding relegation. Largs were made wait 58 days to play the game. Largs were ahead of all the other clubs in fixtures. All the other clubs were allowed at catch up on fixtures and end their season before Largs. In the end the game was played on a Monday night when the result had no effect on anything. So I don't have much love for the man.

The red dots? Haha - I think there were 13 the last time I looked. I'm scared to look now.

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