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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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1 minute ago, Todd_is_God said:

I read somewhere that under certain circumstances herd immunity could be achieved with just 10% of the population having had the virus.

In our cities we would likely already have reached this level.

Aye they said London might actually be 15%.


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5 minutes ago, Carl Cort's Hamstring said:

It does feel like media and public have led government all the way through this, rather than the other way around.

I reckon it's because the tories privately brief something, and if it's popular with the public they go with it, otherwise it gets pulled / changed. 

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3 minutes ago, Albertlegend said:

What does being encouraged back to work look like? Does that mean you can say no? 

If your work is open you either need a doctor's line or they can discipline you if inclined. 

Everyone in construction is a contractor so they can make their own choice. 


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It's a petty point, but something in particular annoyed me in Johnson's address.

He made big play of being UK Prime Minister at the start then later referred to school half term at the start of June.  Now for most of his audience, that will indeed be a marker, but it's the fact he, his advisors and writers see no need to qualify such remarks, that is insulting.  


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2 minutes ago, oaksoft said:

Do you really need to be breastfed through everything in life?

Johnson, to the best of my understanding did not make his announcement in Hebrew or Latin.

Use a bit of commonsense and take a bit of personal responsibility when following these instructions.

You accuse Johnson of avoiding responsibility but you seem to struggle to accept any personal responsibility at all.

Life is risk. Accept that and deal with the consequences.

And FFS, stop bloody moaning about everything.  Fucking hell. :thumbsdown

Changing the message from Stay Home to Stay Alert is significant, most people won't have watched it or taken in the caveats. It'll be taken as "We'll be all right doing whatever we want if we're a bit careful. Nice one." It was a stupid thing to do if that's not what he meant, and without coordinating it with the other countries.

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14 minutes ago, TheScarf said:

The 2nd spike in coronavirus deaths is going to be biblical.


7 minutes ago, Futureboy said:

Beyond belief. The death count is going to be frightening. 

I honestly don’t think that.  If it takes off again we will go back into lockdown.


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