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Kelty awarded title


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1 hour ago, Tutankhamen said:

It ain't all hanging out on this thread.

At this rate the ex Juniors clubs will see promotion in 2040 which makes you wonder what all the fuss was about. Roll up roll up join the pyramid. Suckers.

It’s a moot point at this stage, most clubs will take years to obtain their license anyway.

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4 hours ago, BS7 said:

The bit I don’t understand:

the only team in league 2 that benefits from the “shift the highland league lowland league boundary” is Brechin. So what did Brechin do for the spfl to take that on, and threaten the lowland league to get it through.

Maybe got the support of Forfar who are 9th in League One as well.

The real left-field revelation would be if the SJFA were involved so that the LL and EOS would have to accept the Tayside Juniors... :1eye

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22 hours ago, Fifes Elite Force said:

And I didnt realise the spfl was always right, dont  vote in self interest and make league placing count in exception of one team.


So the reality is, your anger is about the rules/conditions set out and agreed by all including the LL before the season started. 
Win the LL, go into a play off semi final with HL.

this recent decision after the virus is the fairest and there are losers in every league. 
Get the situation changed so bottom of L2 is automatically relegated, it will surely happen 1 day and stop ranting about the virus situation.

League reconstruction was never going to happen at this time, be lucky if all the clubs survive this worldwide disaster.( you might end up in the leagues to replace a team that’s gone)

And it’s nothing to do with the L2 clubs. The premiership clubs met and at least half of them were against reconstruction so that was it hit on the head before even getting to championship, never mind L2. 
It’s not Brechins fault, majority of teams in all leagues did not want it, only the ones who would gain from it. 
the only sensible decision at the moment has been made so move on.

theres so much made up crap, hysteria and bullshit spouted in Scottish football that it puts me off the whole thing at the moment, and I go to at least 1 game every week of the season.The people who run the game do their best but the clubs and the fans can’t see that as they all have their own agendas. 

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