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The advertising we use on the site keeps it free, and unfortunately the ad industry has pretty much collapsed in recent weeks.

As a result of this we're going to need to run some different ad types in the short term to try and recover at least some of our monthly costs. These will be slightly bigger and slightly more intrusive I'm afraid.

You'll see these new ads loading in the next day or so.

If you want to opt out of ads you can take out a Platinum Subscription at just £1 a month and you'll see none at all.

You can subscribe here;

Thanks for your support and for continuing to visit and use P&B.

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1 hour ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

I would have thought online advertising would have been through the roof with the entire world sitting online?

Sadly not. Ad demand has dropped 40% compared to this time last year.

See this example from our "friends" at Mumsnet


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Just had a look on the site that's currently bukkake-ing this forum - they haven't really researched where to target their ads, have they? The whole thing's aimed at punters who still salivate over the Champions League and fanboys of top-six EPL sides...the kind of arsepieces who call Man City "we" despite living in Cumbernauld.


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We're still testing. I've rolled it back for now.

Unfortunately there's no easy way of getting more attention grabbing adverts (the type that are still running) whilst not having *some* impact on users.

I'll work with the ad guys and see what we can do. Appreciate the feedback to date.

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Just now, Lofarl said:

I appreciate that this site costs money to run Div.  I have never blocked any ads on this site before because they were unobtrusive.  But I have had to block them and it took some bloody work to do.

Fair enough. Afraid I can't offer ad-free access to the site for less than £1 a month, it's just not worthwhile.

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6 hours ago, SlipperyP said:

What was the ad actually advertising?

I tried to click on it and nothing happened.

It was just a tester ad in that position yesterday mate. We will do some more testing over the next few days with other units.

I don't like to suddenly start making changes without at least giving some warning, although sometimes I think it would be easier if I just said nothing 😐

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