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Plastic pitches - should they be mandatory?

Should Plastic Pitches be made compulsory in the SPFL Premiership?  

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11 hours ago, Empty It said:
11 hours ago, parsforlife said:
Certainly, also have you seen how many players get injured kicking the ball? Really questionable how why we allow this to continue.

So we're agreed, no kicking the ball, no heading, ... and no running. 

---> Joke about Hearts last season <---


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10 minutes ago, Mr Positive, sometimes. said:

There is one at Lennoxtown. I imagine there will be at Murray Park too. 

Yeah there is at Lennoxtown. As much as I don't think they should be in top level Scottish football as it oozes tinpottery it says more about the manager if a highly favourited team cant perform on a certain surface. I would back Lennon to Overcome this than Rodgers tbh who had a philosophy which he did not often stray from, and when he did you could see it was often not long after Chris Davies who had a word in his ear. As for Lennon he is more prone to switching between formations. I think j he would go more direct at times as well but we didn't really have the personnel to do that which is why I think we have signed Ajeti who isnt huge but is meant to be a decent hold up player if required. We also only have to two fit centre backs which is what it stopping him to switch to 3 at the back as well. Once we have manned up I fully expect us to adapt better when players set up shop on plastic pitches if not more questions should be asked of the manager.

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1 hour ago, coprolite said:

It would also improve scottish football to have plastic players. My preference is for the spinning kind skewered in rows but i can see a case for the wee ones on a weighted hemisphere

I don’t know about plastic players but taking this further... plastic referees couldn’t be any worse and they’d be cheaper than the human ones we’ve already got.

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The thing that most annoys me about the 'rip it up!' bullshit is that zero consideration is given to how such pitches substantially increase participation and allow such year round.

Getting rid of these pitches will leave loads of kids with nowhere to play or at least will greatly reduce how often they can play. The majority of them will most likely be lost to the game in such a scenario.

Time and time again we've seen in other countries that increased participation is good for the game and produces more players for the leagues and national team. The feted Iceland model was huge on participation and facilities, yet we have old tossers crying about them and wanting them punted because Sevco drew a game and other silly reasons.

Also, just having a place where kids can play sports is great. It gets them active, gives them a place to socialize and might give them an interest in sport. More societal benefits that bitter morons want to get rid of for the most stupid, backwards thinking, insular dickhead reasons.

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14 minutes ago, wastecoatwilly said:

The game is slower on the plastic and players can't turn as quick plus one touch football is impossible.

Compared to what?

Absolute nonsense anyway.

What do you gain from such stupid lies?


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5 minutes ago, wastecoatwilly said:

Every pass is slower which makes the play slower on glass the ball skips off the surface and the ball moves quicker.

Wrong again. Are you a compulsive liar?

Also what grass? 

In addition, if it's so awful and kills so many folk then do so many teams train on it?

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