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Plastic pitches - should they be mandatory?

Should Plastic Pitches be made compulsory in the SPFL Premiership?  

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1 minute ago, wastecoatwilly said:

The hybrid or grass surface is ten times better than the carpets they use at Killie,livvy and hamilton.

What grass surface specifically? What hybrid surface specifically?

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9 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:


Ok, I get it now. Should have realised your game.

Every school gets one which takes away the bad bounce or the uneven surface to run on for kids which is probably a good thing.
But for playing quick high intensity football one touch two touch football it's mince.

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On 16/08/2020 at 21:40, Empty It said:
On 16/08/2020 at 21:27, parsforlife said:
Certainly, also have you seen how many players get injured kicking the ball? Really questionable how why we allow this to continue.

So we're agreed, no kicking the ball, no heading, no artificial or grass pitches and no running. We must safeguard our footballers.

I'd be brilliant!

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The thing that most annoys me about the 'rip it up!' bullshit is that zero consideration is given to how such pitches substantially increase participation and allow such year round.
Getting rid of these pitches will leave loads of kids with nowhere to play or at least will greatly reduce how often they can play. The majority of them will most likely be lost to the game in such a scenario.
Time and time again we've seen in other countries that increased participation is good for the game and produces more players for the leagues and national team. The feted Iceland model was huge on participation and facilities, yet we have old tossers crying about them and wanting them punted because Sevco drew a game and other silly reasons.
Also, just having a place where kids can play sports is great. It gets them active, gives them a place to socialize and might give them an interest in sport. More societal benefits that bitter morons want to get rid of for the most stupid, backwards thinking, insular dickhead reasons.
It's difficult to disagree.

As I've probably said I personally do not enjoy playing on them as much as a good grass pitch. Therein lies the issue though and these pitches in a country like ours are very much needed for the kids, there's absolutely no doubt.
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On 17/08/2020 at 09:19, Snafu said:

Not a fan of artificial surfaces either, despite the bitter mewlings of the pro Celtgers media which is btw delicious.

Problem here is that squeeky wheels get the most oil and their constant foot stomping will get noticed and listened to rather than the views of football fans.

Reason being -  some still have never got over the ridiculous idea of uncontrolled fan power when clubs were allegedly held to ransom by the fans to chuck Rangers out of the SPL causing a massive drop in quality football in the top flight and allowing something near democracy to break out with the voting and the merger of two league bodies and another repercussion was that it gave Celtic a head start on their quest to topple Rangers simply the best untouchable 9 in a row titles and also close down and overhaul this 55 titles. This is why football fans should never have a say on the running of Scottish football with disasters like that as a result and should be told what they want. :whistle

Sarcasm aside its more likely the plastic will be binned eventually probably before this so called  2030 deadline once everyone works out how environmentally unfriendly it all is in its manufacturing, during its useful timespan and its disposal.

Might get cheap enough to fire all our rubbish up into space and pollute the galaxy with our shite, problem solved.

Also good way to find out if there's other life out there, when they come and blow us to f**k for all our shite heading towards their planet. 

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