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Youth Clubs Thinking of Moving to Senior Leagues?


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Are there any clubs thinking of moving up to the Senior Pyramid Leagues next season or in the future i.e. East of Scotland, West of Scotland, South of Scotland, North Caledonian, North Juniors (soon to be Seniors?) or the East Region Juniors (north of Tay Bridge) which may also soon be a Senior League?

This is not about Youth teams from the SPFL. It's about Youth clubs thinking about moving into the Senior Pyramid Leagues from Lowland and Highland Leagues downwards. Apologies for not making that clear.

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I would support B teams playing in the senior leagues. That allows young players to get early competitive experience, 

It does no harm to the senior leagues. It allows young players to develop. 

They do that in Germany,. France, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, and Croatia. 

It would also increaser in the lower league, 

It is a compliment to the lower leagues to say that is where great young Scottish players could develop, 

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The deadline for applications to join the WOSFL for the 2021/22 season is 31st March 2021. To date there have been 17 expressions of interest, the majority of which appear to be Amateur clubs. There may be the possibility of establishing a new division.

If you are interested enquire here:



NB: It is possible that ground entry requirements will be relaxed for new applicants in an Intermediate Division.

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Harmony Row Youth Club the latest applicant to surface:



Five applications have already been lodged including one from Harmony Row Youth Club, one of Scotland’s most revered community clubs.”

Boyd believes no club should be denied the chance to realise their ambitions and wouldn’t be against seeing an extra division tagged on to the WoSFL in years to come to accommodate teams.

“There is criteria clubs have to meet to enter at tier nine which all our member clubs currently meet, he added. “But we could possibly look at a Tier 10 which would allow a bit more room for manoeuvre albeit it would be promotion tied unless teams could demonstrate that they could make the improvements required to step up.“

Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/west-scotland-league-worth-wait-23785731


No news from the club yet but sure to appear here:


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It is being reported on another thread that there are now 11 applications to join the WOSFL for the 2021/22 season which suggests that there may be enough clubs to form a separate “development division”. One of the applicants is rumoured to be from Argyll.

Any other prospective clubs only have until this coming Wednesday to get their applications in.

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Besides Harmony Row Youth Club in 2019/20 the West of Scotland Youth Lg U 21's started with a number of clubs which don’t seem to be part of WoS clubs(?). Are these the types of clubs which will move up to senior football in the future, hopefully following Harmony Row:

Antonine FC,   Barrhead YFC,   Busby Amateurs,   Calderbraes FC,   Dalziel BC,   EDFC Rovers,   Erskine YFC,   Finnart FC,   Gourock Athletic,   Greenock HSFP,   Inverclyde Amateurs,   Linwood Rangers,   Paisley FC,   Tower Hearts,   Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers.

Last year St Cadocs YC seemed to be in the Central Scotland Youth League Under 19's (did they have amateurs as well?) and these clubs were also there in 2019/20. Any of these looking like the sort of club which could move up into the seniors in future? Some will already have amateur teams. Most are  in the WoS area but some are over the border in EoS territory:

Baljaffray FC ,   Bonnybridge YFC,   Braehead FC,   Bridge of Allan BC,   Cowie Utd,   Dunblane SC,   Glenvale AFC,   Lenzie YC,   Lomond FC ,   Milton,   North Kelvin Utd,   Scotstoun Ath,   Third Lanark and   West Park Utd

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