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What’s your internet speed?

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I'm on shitty copper to the exchange so the best i can do just now is 55mbps until BT uses the money it was paid by the government to sort out 'exchange to home' fibre rather than continually buying sports licences for its TV channel.

One tip I'd give is that if anyone is with PlusNet, the Post Office or any other number of BT proxies, shift supplier. The reason I say this is that if you have an issue then it needs to be reported to OpenReach (which is effectively BT, although for technical legal reasons they aren't) when you are using a 3rd party company they will go to their supplier, BT, who in turn will go to OpenReach. The process is far longer and in turn the BT/OR relationship is such that not only is it difficult to get things fixed quickly it's unlikely the information you provide your supplier will never reach OR who will be the actual engineers carrying out the work.

I had an issue, while PlusNet were my suppliers and they just dicked about while at the same time BT/OR badly communicated and never fixed it. Any engineer that came out had no info and would start from scratch running simple tests (tests that had been run multiple times before)

I shifted to Vodafone, who don't bother going through BT and go direct to OR, and within 2 weeks the engineer was sent out, equipped with all the info they needed and the problem was fixed within a day or two.



My rate is 55Mbps, and any company using BT for their Internet will not provide you with a good service.

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I logged onto to my BT account recently to check my bill. I'm currently on full fibre 150 Mb down (guaranteed 100Mb) and they were offering me an upgrade to 900 down (guaranteed 700) for an extra £1 per month!!! I thought this offer was too good to be true but went for it anyway which includes signing up for 24 month contract. The first date suitable for me was 30th december so we'll see how it goes.

Anyone else had this offer and went for it?

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On 07/06/2021 at 14:09, YER SISTERS YER MAW said:

Agree about their routers. The Wi-fi is terrible. I bought one of these as I had a blackspot in my bedroom and the difference is night & day. I now get the same speed in bedroom as I get with ethernet plugged into router. Picked one up for£50 new on eBay.


While a range extender is fine, it’s still leaving the weak router in the loop. I find that either providing your own modem/router, when allowed/possible, or at least providing your own router is the answer. Most providers rent you the modem/router for a monthly fee, but some will allow you to provide your own modem/router…saving you the monthly fee for as long as you use their service. Others may require you to use their modem, but offer it without WiFi for a low or zero rental fee.

The advantages of providing your own equipment are pretty significant, especially in the area of control over your connection security and configuration. Often the company controlled units are only upgradable by the company, when they want to do it. A privately owned unit can be updated, modified or replaced whenever the mood or need suits you. You can usually get a much superior coverage with your own WiFi than that of the company. If you provide your own unit entirely, you can generally avoid throttling by your provider and get a superior firewall and security options. Even just daisy-chaining your own router to the modem, disabling the modems own built in WiFi and using your own routers signal for WiFi can have benefits, especially if the modem is more than a year or two old.

With the “stock” ISP provider modem/router, we could barely get useable signals in some household locations, and it was unusable at the property line and beyond. With an aftermarket router, we can still get usable signals in our neighbours homes. What was surprising was the number of printers you can see offering a WiFi signal versus how few home routers provided a strong enough signal to be seen.

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