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Doing the right thing for star player


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Hi All

I coach 2010s age group. We are a development team for the most part however, we have one player in particular that carries the team. They turn our low level development team into a good development team/ low intermediate (yes, I think he's that good!)

We move to 9 a side after summer. Obviously want to build on what we have all achieved over a difficult period. And by that I mean we have definitely improved as a whole team.. BUT

As much as I'd love to have this kid in the team next season, I feel like we're doing him an injustice by not saying anything when he could be playing with a far better squad where he will be challenged and really pushed to fulfill his potential.

I think I'm answering my own question as I write here but has anyone else experienced similar? Should I help him find a better team?









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It sounds like you're taking a sensible and considerate approach to this.  I've seen youth coaches and clubs hold grudges against young players who have moved on but surely it's best to keep a positive relationship however things work out. Be open and honest with the player and then hopefully he and his parents will be equally open and honest with you. If he turns out to be a star he'll remember that. Also don't rule out the possibility that he is happy with how things are going in your own club.

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As Northboy says. Also for me the main thing is the enjoyment of playing with his mates at that age. My son is also 2010s, he plays with some mates from his class and loves it. They are a great wee team and play in the top league at Toryglen on Sundays, even if Thistle/Barcelona came in for him I wouldn't want him to go.

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