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Alloa vs Queen's Park

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We are going to get rolled here are we not ? 

will be there to suffer for my (lack of ) faith though .

Surely Surely surely  O'donnell and Robertson start ?


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The game is dependent on which Alloa side turns up. I fear that Big Andy could be dropped for this one after two below par performance against Peterhead and Clyde.  I felt  we looked more comfortable with a flat back four in second half of the Clyde game, Robertson and O'Donnell both have to start in my option as made a big difference coming on from the bench on Saturday.  Not sure if to early for  Trouten but would be  straight in if he's fit,  probably just wishful thinking on my part. 

Prediction Queens win by 2 clear goals



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Going to take a long time to shake the feeling of unease of going into a game as favourites against a team who have traditionally had the better of us. 

Just keep trying to do the good things we’ve been doing well. Been at our best with the ball on the deck and sharp movement. Alloa have traditionally given most teams, even at a higher level, a game at Recreation Park and I’d expect nothing other than a really hard game on Saturday. I’m hopeful we can edge it.

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Football aside, it's always a good day out to watch the Baz and Bob Show as they deteriorate through the 90 mins. Expect some gold standard finger-pointing from about 70 mins on. 

I think the surface does make a difference. We have the gift of Lochinch to offer both surfaces but just as each grass pitch is a bit different so to are the mimics. The super-silky show of last week is improbable but an industrious 3 points and a touchline meltdown would be enough for me. 

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20 minutes ago, Father Barrys Sign (Top Half) said:

Think it's exact same as Falkirks one, which Queens played on fairly regularly last season (?)

I don't expect it to be a factor.

Aye we played half the season there, as well as training every day on one at Lesser, then Broadwood.  7 clubs in the division have artificial surfaces, good teams can adapt to any pitch, like we did last season  

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Great to be looking forward to a game at Alloa with confidence; doesn't happen that often. Midfield were outstanding last week, and it's a joy to watch them, but we need to be on our toes at the back to deal with the mercurial Alan Trouten.

Despite the Waaasps losing to Clyde, I reckon this game and the one at Falkirk will give us a better indication of how we'll do this year.

Away win, Murray and Longridge to score in a 2-1 victory.



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