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Ru Paul's 2022 #1 draft pick race


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Going into week 6 the below 500 club is as follows.


Obviously with the season not even being halfway yet some of these teams will be nowhere near the race to the bottom as the season comes to a close. All early signs point to the Jaguars being a shoe in for the #1 spot with the Texans the likely second candidate. Despite being winless the Lions have managed to keep some games close & will fair better than both the Texans & Jags based on the 1st five games. Jets are the other team likely to be in the mix based on showings thus far.

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2 hours ago, ICTChris said:

Is there anyone good at QB likely to come through? Typical Lions to get the number one pick after Burrow and Lawrence.

There is nothing that I have seen in that level of must haves.  Willis at Liberty and Corral at OleMiss seem to be the two most talked about.  

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At least you have intermittent success and a few SB victories in living memory. What's the excuse with the likes of Detroit, Jax, and NYJ?

Detroit can claim to be playing in a legitimately competitive division thanks to GB, the Vikes being intermittently good, and NYJ have had NE to contend with and more recently a resurgence in Buffalo. Jax plays in a perennially chronic division, always has a slew of high picks, and still sucks donkey dick year after year. OK, the Colts and Texans had decent runs for a few years back in the days of Luck and Arian Foster, and obviously the Titans are a force to be reckoned with right now, but the fact that division has been in a state of flux since the Peyton Manning era in Indi means that you'd think the Jags would be able to get their shit together eventually, but no. One freak division win in 2017 mired in a slew of complete garbage either side of it. That 2017 title aside, the Jags have either finished 3rd or 4th in the division every single season since 2010. Given that all three of their division opponents have been laughably bad at some point during that stretch, that record is totally risible.

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