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Goodwillie v fans fault Falkirk

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I worry that the Falkirk players/staff will have a bit of a siege mentality and will be looking for someone to skelp for the start of a bounce back. As ever, I hope we can become the latest chapter in the Bairns' banter season, but I fear another comfortable 3-0 (at least) is on the cards here.

Also, please please don't play Scott Rumsby at RB. My little heart can't take it any more.

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26 minutes ago, ebobsboy said:

I'd encourage you to have a look at our stats recently. It's fucking abysmal. 

Look back and see when you had your last comfortable 90 minutes. Our refusal to cross the halfway line in that game is looking even more ridiculous by the week. I have no doubts that it will be similar on Saturday.

We are absolutely shocking and I'm struggling to remember a situation like this where we literally can't field a starting eleven without playing players who are completely out of their depth at this level. We'll need to hope for a one-off performance like the QP game.

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1 hour ago, Angus of the Mo said:


Ffs lads, this thread goes against the grain, most folk on the P & B are slagging off their opponents, but you guys are like “my team is more pish than yours”

Summarised our last three (five?) seasons of pre match posts.

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1 hour ago, bullyweehutch said:

Ours are worse.
Last 3 games
Conceded 10
Scored 1 (a pen)
0 points

This thread, each clubs' fans trying to outdo each other with how bad things are, fuxxake. 😋

"You were lucky!" 


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1 minute ago, lanky_ffc said:

A couple of the scores apps I use have this game marked down as postponed. A mistake?

Yes I think they are confusing it for the Clydebank game which is postponed because they are replaying their Scottish Cup match.

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