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Accies vs Arbroath

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This game will certainly be different to our last 2, as Arbroath can actually play some decent football and imo are the most physical side in the league.

There's no way around out, this is going to be incredibly hard, our players just don't have the stature to go toe to toe with Arbroath and haven't got the quality to pass around them.

Injuries to our centre backs have come at a really bad time, and due to this I think we will be forced to play the same back four that we played up at Arbroath, which really isn't ideal, as I would have wanted Hamilton at right back.

I dont like being overly negative, but I really can't see how we'll get anything out of this game. I'd bite your hand off for a draw.

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Thought the scoreline earlier in the season was a wee bit harsh. The red card didn't help however. 

Thought Accies played out really well from the back, especially in the first half. Another away win would be amazing.

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If we play like we did in Kirkcaldy or Greenock Accies have every chance.

Heard Nicky Low was going to be back for this one so we will wait and see


Mad saying this because 7 points from last 9 available playing it but still unsure on this line up we’ve been going with. I’d be happy to see Bobby given a start too over LD or Dowds. 

Last game Nouble had on the plastic he played it like a game of fives and ripped the pish. Hopefully similar on Saturday. Looking forward to it 

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1 hour ago, lichtie23 said:

Does the female “hooligan” and her pals still go to the games? I seen a clip from that programme a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me laugh 

No need for you to worry. She hasn't been at a game for years.

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