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Season 4: Episode 6

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Hullo! The cinch train stops for nobody. Luckily, we are here to cover every last drop of it. Watch the show at 10:30pm on the BBC Scotland Channel, catch-up later on BBC iPlayer and feel free to tell us what you think here.
Tonight’s show looks a bit like this:
Larsson and Schiedt
  • Who was the pigeon and who was shat on? Who was a legend and who was a loser? In Scottish football there's a whole load of ups and downs. We look at who had a good week and who didn't do quite so well.

Nightmare Fuel

  • Some teams are having a right hard time of it. Stuck in the doldrums and having a wee bit of a nightmare. Is there any light for these teams? What's the fuel that can turn their tide? 
Social Media - Local Hero
  • This week our online excavation focuses in on the players.
Another Brick in the Wall with Chic Charnley
  • We are joined in the studio by a maverick, a rogue and an icon of Partick Thistle. Fiery former player Chic Charnley helps the team as we continue to build our wall of Scottish football and tells us why his old boss John Lambie deserves a brick.
Daft Davey
  • We asked you, the audience, for your BIG questions about the game right now. We put them to our squad.
The Banker
  • Joel, Rob and new squad member Ray put their heads together to challenge Craig G Telfer with their weekend predictions.
In the 'Wee Films', Duncan & Duncan return and Duncan, the one who actually likes football, takes on the role of a lower league linesman. We also visit a shirt collector who has a home and away kit from every side in the SPFL. In the Last Minute Winner, we remember a peculiar goal scored by goalie Mark Oxley.
So, which player do you think has been in the form of their life, which team is having a nightmare, what is the best SPFL kit you've collected and what's the strangest goal you've witnessed?
See you later!


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1 hour ago, Lurkst said:

A linesman that doesn't have to give offside is an easy shift!


Aye definitely!  He would at least have kept himself warm if he'd kept to the linesman's position ie. stayed in line with the last defender.  I enjoyed that piece though - it was really well produced, a simple idea, and the deadpan voiceovers from the camera Duncan were genuinely funny.  

Overall I thought that was one of the best episodes in a while - Bradders fitted in pretty well, some proper good laughs, and getting Chico on was ace.  



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Ray smiled a lot and had a smashing ginger beard. I commend Joel for his t-shirt. A televisual feast of fashion. Maybe he could buy interesting clothing for the others. Stone Island sweatshirt and a dark, checked shirt and white t-shirt? These guys need to raise their televisual fashion game.

I’m not sure about the chopping and changing presenters thing. It’s annoying me slightly. Why is this the new approach to the show? Maybe it’ll grown on me, but I prefer continuity to give me a perception of stability.

Dario Zanatta is the new Craig Brewster with his cut inside, and score from outside the box. Good to see him mentioned.

I love the Duncan and Duncan wee videos. I even branched out and watched the videos on iplayer made by Duncan who doesn’t like football. Duncan who does like football was a fairly unenthusiastic linesman. He was definitely more up for being a mascot at Starks Park.

The social media section is okay but I liked it a bit better when they made more of a thing of it and Robert Borthwick was doing it.

Chic Charnley is a legend of Scottish football so it was good seeing him.



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Fs Duncan, you could have at least raised the flag in the appropriate direction rather than just straight up in the air every time the ball went out.

The ref literally told him not to do that, club linesmen don't make decisions and are only there to tell the ref when the ball is out of play.
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Would like to see a guest pundit for the whole episode like we had with Ray each week. Think it brings a fresh perspective and ensures it doesn't get too bogged down on in-jokes etc Good show as always. Love the Telfer and Shaughan lower league podcasts.



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8 hours ago, Busta Nut said:

I don't think he was bad btw. I was just wondering why the usual guys or even some of the other podcast guys had been overlooked.

In a similar manner to Ian Stewart (a Fifer, no less) who was not an official member of the Rolling Stones due to having the wrong image. They are fine tuning the image and reducing the appearances of those deemed not worthy. (Or maybe it's down to good looks rivalling those of @Francesc Fabregas?)

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