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A RandomAttempt at awakening sleeping giants...


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Aye. Sunderland. Here we go.

Forgot to screenshot the squad before I started so I'll just skip that bit.

Targets I'll fail to reach


Get promoted and don't be a clownshoe in the cups. I failed one of these in August.

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Summer Transfers



Club had made about 50 transfers before I came in, but who cares? My only wingers were McGeady and Gooch, and some dross loans, so that was my priority.



Need inverted wingers, like young wingers with flair + pace + dribbling. Definitely one whos more to develop than produce straight away, but it was a small fee for the potential I think he has.



Apparently a striker but decided hes my first choice right winger. Think his physical stuff and traits will cause chaos on the flank. Sadly seems pretty injury prone, but when he does play its great fun.



Needed depth on the wings, and he plays both and is two footed, so can play inverted on either side. Pace hopefully useful late on in games too. Might not stay beyond this season if we get promoted but if he helps get us there then thats fine.



£44k seemed cheap for him? Needed CMs who could do a lot and he seems a good fit. Will probably drop to being a squad player if we get promoted.




Richardson was never going to make it.

Gooch wouldn't sign a new deal so was punted with a big sell on clause, I don't even think he'd have played much anyway.

Neil I was more disappointed about, but Nice spent all Summer after him. Opening bid was £800, so I'm chuffed with that final fee.

Wright was 5th/6th choice CB. Cheerio.

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4 minutes ago, Richey Edwards said:

Good luck.

How are you setting up? I used to always geggenpress it, but it's no longer overpowered and I don't have the players for it. I had luck with 4411 and 442 formations though.

4-2-3-1 for me. Went for Geggenpress but tweaked it as my CBs were getting killed by balls over the top. Wing backs and inverted wingers, trying to murder the division tbh, not sure it'll work if we get promoted but worth a go.

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So far


Bit of a dodgy start, but some wee tweaks have turned it around. Ross Stewart is a monster. We were leading against Fleetwood and Bolton in the 90th minute and won neither, great stuff.

We went a man down v Portsmouth just after scoring so delighted we kept the clean sheet there.


24th is Fleetwood but they didn't fit on the screen, does anyone really care though?

Securing a play off spot early would be great, but I'd rather finish in the top two. Feel like this'll be a right slog unless we keep up our recent form for a good few months more.

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October 2021


Form is starting to falter, mainly as Stewart has turned into a donkey. Osawe really stepping up though from the wing, his final goal and absolute stonker from 25 yards. Inevitably Rotherham scored with their next attack though. Really can't be arsed with the diddy cup group stage, just chuck the reserves in and I think Lincoln did the same.


6pts clear of 7th, so looking good for the play offs, but still 30 games to go.

Our next league is against Lincoln which could define a lot of things. I'm enjoying the way we just don't lose games, while being aware it means we've got a 10 game winless streak inbound.

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November 20/21


The loss was coming as the defence fell to bits, while we entirely relied on Stewart bailing us out. Won the games that matter really though, Lincoln and Shrewsbury were both in the top 4.

Match against Man U U23s broke the record for lowest ever home attendance for Sunderland, which was nice.


Can't shake Lincoln at all, who look like they'll join us and Portsmouth as the main challengers for the top two as it stands. Surprised how shite Wigan are.

If I get promoted I'll need an incredible summer window, or a complete overhaul of our tactics, as we concede a remarkable amount of goals as it is.

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December 2021


League form is great but bottling every cup tie is frustrating. Gillingham absolutely battered us.

Having to rotate heavily now but Ross Stewart remains a cheat code.


I'm already planning for the Championship tbh, so I probably won't do much in January as I won't be able to attract Championship level players until we're officially up.

Gillingham are 24th, on 11 pts, and have won 1 league game. So frustrating that cup tie.

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January 2022


We're great fun, inconsistent and prone to getting battered every so often, but just score so much that we always stand a chance. The Bolton game was just chaos.


Wigan, Portsmouth, and Oxford, all seem to be catching fire. Hoping I've enough of a gap that only one could really catch me. Delighted to see Lincoln finally start to falter. Sheffield Wednesday the biggest January spenders, spending £375k, see how they go after this month.



Burge was leaving this Summer anyway, no loss. 2nd choice keeper now a highly rated youth.



Simms actually scored against me for Evertons U23s and had a stormer. Cheap loan, out of contract this Summer, and my current back up striker has been shite. Worth a punt.

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I have a problem.

Hoffman, first choice keeper, can't be signed as I can't get a work permit for him. Doyle is a Man City player worth about £20m, no chance of a permanent deal. Can't sign Alves Ibsen either, while Flanagan is demanding a move, and Willis has just recovered from an 8 month injury. Almond 18yo and not ready.

Going to try and extend all the loans for next season, otherwise we're in real trouble.



Stewart my boi. McGeady announced in October hes leaving in the Summer, can't change his mind. Barker wanted a massive pay rise he won't be getting, so LW will need 2 players next season. in CM Winchester has actually become my first choice RB, so I'll need to do stuff there too. Almond covers as the defensive CM in theory but I've not tested it yet. Need players there too.

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This guys been brought in on a free. Been in America playing for Atlanta and presumably left at the end of their season.

Looks good enough for the Championship so thats some pressure off if/when we get promoted.

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On 13/11/2021 at 23:26, RandomGuy. said:

I'm already planning for the Championship tbh, so I probably won't do much in January as I won't be able to attract Championship level players until we're officially up.

That's something that's always annoyed me tbh, getting ahead of the game with free agents when moving up a division can be key but too often your club are waiting to see what happens rather than issuing budgets, even when it's clear you're going up from about February onwards. 

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On 15/11/2021 at 13:22, The Moonster said:

That's something that's always annoyed me tbh, getting ahead of the game with free agents when moving up a division can be key but too often your club are waiting to see what happens rather than issuing budgets, even when it's clear you're going up from about February onwards. 

Aye its a bit frustrating tbh, but I've seen me collapse from looking certs for promotion before so I'm telling myself its understandable 😂

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Anton Walkes signed a few posts up to play RCB next season, and I've managed to extend Doyles loan from Man City for next season too, so thats my central defence in place I hope.


His contract expires in 2024 so I'm sort of hoping I can loan him until then, but I'd be amazed if Man City don't extend it. Guy is quality.

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February 2022

Just ignore the constant skin changes, I always f**k about just now looking for the right one. I also accidentally played a game in March before screenshotting.


Aye, we're riding this division.  Barker so weird, has spurts of being great then vanishes, I think he'll be away in the Summer though. Nice for Simms to get his first goal too. Defence tightened up since Walkes came in, he made his debut v MK Dons.


Play off spot already secured, but we should be cruising to the title now. Secured another year of my GK on loan too, so we're looking good for next season, but we'll likely have to hope Ross Stewart can hit double figures. Hes on 32 in the league at the moment.

Some big clubs struggling in this division. Would've expected more from Ipswich/Charlton/Sheffield Wednesday.


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