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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2022

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21 minutes ago, Snafu said:

Actor and racing driver Jean-LouisTrintignant joins the Great Silence at 91.

Three Colours Red part of the trilogy is one of my favourite films plus what I believe is a darker version of Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars directed by Sergio Corbucci called The Great Silence with Klaus Kinski as the villain is another Jean-Louis Trintignant film must see.


I'd throw in Costa Gavras' Z for political conspiracy thriller afficionados, where JLT plays the closest thing the film has to a protagonist.

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Week 25 update

One death this week, actor Jean-Louis Trintignant: Jean-Louis Trintignant, star of A Man and a Woman and Amour, dies aged 91 | Film | The Guardian


Jean-Louis Trintignant, the French actor closely associated with the European new waves of the 1960s and 70s, has died aged 91. His wife, Mariane Hoepfner Trintignant, announced the news to AFP.

Born in 1930, Trintignant’s childhood was overshadowed by the second world war, but he picked up a passion for race-car driving from two uncles – one of whom was killed on the track in 1933. Trintignant made his name as an actor with a role in Roger Vadim’s Brigitte Bardot vehicle And God Created Woman in 1956, but was then sent to Algeria as a conscript during the war of independence.

On his return to France Trintignant channelled his love for racing into the lead role of Claude Lelouch’s 1966 international hit A Man and a Woman, playing a widower who falls in love with Anouk Aimée. Renowned for its theme music (by Francis Lai), A Man and a Woman was a breakthrough success for French cinema in the US. Trintignant and Aimée would appear in two follow-ups: A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later (1986) and The Best Years of a Life (2019).

I had a look and, somewhat surprisingly, there's nothing in his filmography I've seen.

Trintignant died at 91 so he's worth 34 Base Points for @Savage Henry and @The_Craig with @Melanius Mullarkay getting a Captain bonus for 68 points.

As a result, the standings look like this:

1. Bishop Briggs 458
2. Indale Winton 445
3. JustOneCornetto 431
4. chomp my root 403
5. sparky88 372
6. Ned Nederlander 371
7. Arch Stanton 302
8. gkneil 271
9. peasy23, weirdcal 259
11. Arbroathlegend36-0 255
12. psv_killie 242
13. Savage Henry 230
14. Desp 188
15. pawpar, Sweaty Morph 187
17. Mathematics, The Master 184
19. The_Craig 178
20. Florentine_Pogen 173
21. thistledo 167
22. Melanius Mullarkey 163
23. Blootoon87 151
24. gingette, microdave 150
26. buddiepaul 146

27. The DA 144
28. Billy Jean King 139
29. scottsdad 138
30. cdhafc1874 130
31. Moomintroll 123
32. pub car king 122
33. nessies long lost ghost, The Naitch 113
35. senorsoupe 108
36. Miguel Sanchez 105

37. Bully Wee Villa 104
38. jimbaxters, lichtgilphead, sleazy 92
41. scorge 85
42. Lofarl, Mark Connolly 75
44. ThomCat 69
45. thisal 64
46. Hamish's Passenger 61
47. Fuctifano, Willie adie 57
49. Raidernation 46
50. Bert Raccoon, speckled tangerine, statts1976uk 39
51. ayrunitedfw, cambozpar, Karpaty Lviv, Les Cabbage 30

57. Everyone else 0

The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mup1IJllKHs0a47J8G6IXUkvShJrV28Iuc-Kkn7RKuo/edit?usp=sharing

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3 hours ago, chomp my root said:

Aideen Kennedy anyone ??


Being a journo type, she'll no doubt get qualifying obits. 

"In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph in 2019, she said she lost her older sister Fiona to cancer in 2016, and that her brother Dara had died from a brain tumour less than year earlier at the age of 35.

Her older brother Rory was killed in a road accident when he was just a year old."

That is truly tragic. Her poor parents must be devastated. RIP :(

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23 hours ago, The Hologram said:

Good spot. He has obituaries from the Telegraph and Mirror so you'll get points next update.

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