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Queen’s Park v Clyde

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Clyde trying to kick QP off the park. Absolute agricultural aggression.

Big Nicol got away with one midway through first half. Got a deserved yellow towards the end of the half.

Clyde offering very little in way of attacking intent but I get the feeling they might sneak something if Queens can't take their chances.


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Just now, shawfielder said:


Ground isn’t helping the game, they would have been better moving the game to a grass park.


This is verdant compared to the winter months. More grass than Broadwood has had in a longtime anyway.. 

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Bradley-Hurst kept it respectable, the only football player in that collection of hatchet men. Clyde toothless and only a silly sending off from Grant brought us out of second gear for the last 10 minutes. 

Cruised through the game without having to do too much hard work ourselves. Quitongo and McHugh could have had a couple each if not for the aforementioned Clyde keeper. A solid performance and a great debut for Owen Coyle despite not starting his employment with us until June.

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17 minutes ago, Zanetti said:




Free hit for us today, as most games from here can afford to be. Disappointing to turn in such a guff performance (once again), right enough. Cabbage patch or not, we really shouldn't be starting Nicoll under any circumstances these days. That's been the case for about three years, mind.

Hopefully we see a pen emoji a few times this week for some of the handful of players worth trying to build on top of for next year. If Lennon can achieve that then I'd hand him a new deal too.

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6 minutes ago, Arachnophile said:

Best team won.




End of

Better team...



QP definitely created more but I wasn't that impressed. It was a dreadful game which I hope was partly because of the pish poor pitch.  You know you're struggling when you bring on Tads at half time.  You know you're hamstrung when Jones is his strike partner.

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I wish Bob Mchugh could play like that every week. Terrific performance up top and full deserved motm. The ball stuck to him, he brought others into play and most importantly he got the goal that mattered. There’s been a difference in Mchugh over the last month or 2. Whether that’s enough to justify any type of contract for next season is still pretty inconclusive but it’s positive nonetheless

Wasn’t a great spectacle overall tbh. We looked scrappy on the ball and didn’t look comfortable playing the ball through the midfield. However we did create enough chances to kill the game early on with Mcbride being particularly guilty of passing up 2 great opportunities. Today was a real opportunity for Mcbride to show what he’s about but he’s just not got it. There’s no particular attribute that necessarily stands out and I certainly wouldn’t be looking at him as a possible option for next season 

I do think a big difference was seeing Darren Lyon back in the midfield again. You don’t really notice him in games but crucially he does everything right. He’s energetic, can run and is positionally sound. He starts over jack Thompson for me 

I’m going to assume it’s fitness related, but it’s infuriating not seeing Jai Quitongo start. He’s so much better than Longstaff and Mcbride. His end product was lacking when he came on but the way he can glide past players and create opportunities is brilliant to watch. Deserves to start next week to prove his fitness to Coyle between now and the end of the season 

Clyde were guff quite simply. A noticeable difference without Goodwillie which isn’t rocket science obviously but the drop off in quality is quite something. Tade trying to sprint in particular is some spectacle. Interesting to see how they cope with a full campaign without Goodwillie next season 

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3 hours ago, jagfox OG said:

Looked like a foul in the buildup there but goal is given and a good effort by the QP players winding up the away fans with their celebrations.

I'm not convinced there was a foul (and for all his good saves and general competence, JBH basically makes a honking error every game) but I thought there was a good shout for it being offside, with the goalkeeper being off his line. 

Either way, although the game was completely dead at that stage (QP really only threatened early on, then after the goal), I find it hard to be overly bothered if an official's decision has cost us. Our performance was dreadful. No wonder McHugh looked decent when he just stood on Rumsby the whole game and became the latest bog standard L1 striker to pull down every long ball forward under almost no real pressure. Elsdon has completely gone to pieces since being dropped. Mortimer, Nicoll, Jones and Tade all nowhere near good enough. Splaine and Livingstone not very good today. We must be the only team in the world who would start with two full-backs in midfield and none at full-back. I'd give JBH and Gomis passmarks, possibly Jamieson who didn't really have much to work with. 

I thought Nicoll's earlier tackle was a lot worse than the one he did get booked for (not that I disagree with that decision). Grant's early challenge on Gomis didn't look too clever either. 

I've not seen much of the Firhill pitch and I think there's a reasonable shout in this day and age to have games moved when it's that bad. No doubt it hindered QP more than us.

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