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Bo'ness United 2022/23

Deanburn Dave

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2 minutes ago, BonessBear_72 said:

How were the young guns mate? They get much game time & impress?

French and Murdoch came on with 12 to play.   French at right back looked tidy and played a brilliant pass to play in McCormack.  Murdoch was busy but got lost in the divots. 

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7 hours ago, Auld Heid said:

At least our promotion would give the Wee Bo'ness a decent attendance.

As going by current attendances most of the Wee Bo'ness supporters seem to now follow Linlithgow Thistle / Bo'ness Athletic.

Beith and Creetown who currently lead WoS and SoS aren't licensed so neither eligible for promotion to LL.

More clueless fantasist garbage from Auld Gravy-blood.

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2 hours ago, Deanburn Dave said:

Referee started the game with Musa in the changing room.    WTF !!


Particularly when he had a very bright strip on

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