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Child prodigy


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I doubt anyone will see or reply to this, but I really hope that they do.

I’m not into football at all, and we hardly ever watch it and neither does my partner. But my son is showing a VERY strong interest in football and he is only 1 years old. Like, I literally mean he is obsessed! It’s nearly 9 o’clock at night and he is playing football in front of me. His first word was even ball lol.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but even for someone who doesn’t have a clue about football, his ball abilities for his age are ridiculous.

He can literally drop kick a ball perfectly every time, He even runs with the ball and drop kicks it, He dribbles with it and also kicks it about 4 meters away lol. Honestly it’s impressive! And he has done all of this naturally!

He does have two family members who was and are footballers within the family, somewhere on my partners side. One bing harry holman who played for Exeter and Peterborough. And another who plays for Liverpool. I was just wondering if anyone on here knows what the next stages are and what you do if you have a skilled baby lol 

Thanks for the time to read this :)

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Likely similar activities to above in other local authority areas outwith Glasgow.

The SFA mini-kickers part of the player pathway doesn't start until age 3.


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