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St Johnstone vs Hibernian 30/07/22 - battle of the banter clubs

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League season starts in 5 days and I’d suggest we’re still short our first choice goalkeeper, a starting striker and arguably a starting central midfielder. We also have a load of injuries, most of which have carried over from last season. 

Seems Hibs have had a bit of a banter summer themselves, but they do still possess a lot of quality, certainly more than we currently have on paper. 

Subject to there being no more signings, we probably line up: 


Brown Gordon Considine 

Wright Hallberg Davidson Carey Montgomery 

May Murphy

The manager is talking about adding a couple more fresh faces so that first 11 could still change. We really need a better goalkeeper and there’s not many goals in that team either. Cleary might play ahead of Brown or Gordon if he doesn’t make it  

Fingers crossed we are better than we’ve looked so far, and indeed better than we currently look on paper. Not particularly hopeful as we are significantly weaker than last season and we were guff then. 

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It’s very typical that in the season I’m least excited for since I started following Hibs we kick off the season with one of the worst away trips of the season.

Interest in this is minimal, out on the bevy on Saturday and probably won’t even watch the highlights.

Jamie Murphy to score his only league goal of the season and St Johnstone to win.

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Love an opening game to a season. A rarity to have a home one so looking forward to it despite not having a lot of optimism for the season ahead.

Could have got a better opponent with a bigger away support, the likes of Aberdeen, United or Hearts, to make it more of an occasion, but hopefully a sunny day brings out a few more than normal for both sides.

Neither fanbase particularly optimistic, so getting off to a winning start could be vital for either team to keep the pressure at bay.

Prediction 1-1.  

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Saints to have 10 men behind the ball and constantly allow Hibs to regain their shape because we build up so slow. Callum Davidson to be delighted with a point against Hibs u23 side as "it gets points on the board" and promises we're just "3 or 4" signings away from where he wants us.

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Only about 150 tickets left for the masochists Hibs fans to snap up.

Usually this means we will have high expectation levels, but after our pre season "preparations" most can only see a Tory Fermer win with one of our ex players scoring.

0-3 Hibs Youhan, Doidge, Drey Wright (og).

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New GK

Brown - Cleary - Mahon - Considine - Montgomery 

MacPherson - Davidson - Hallberg

Carey - Murphy

We finally embrace the strikerless set up the manager dreams of.

100 crosses in 90 mins despite playing no striker.

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