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Motherwell v St Johnstone 6/8/22

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Did Callum slip a bung to whoever is co-commentating on Saints TV today? 

Saying that Machperson's passing is "astonishing honestly" and whenever saints play it goes through him - talking in general rather than just today. 

f**k right off 

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Painful to watch that flag unfurling. You had people in the stand having to tell them what to do.

Hallberg going to be our next player to get sent off?  Needs to be careful here.

Cammy MacPherson is a baller but you just know he’ll get carried away and start trying to showboat with careless passes and shooting from ridiculous positions.

Passing the ball much better but once again there’s a major lack of threat in the final third.

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Incase anyone doubted how much bother we're in, St Johnstone - whose fans assured us they were on the the Championship motorway - have cruised through the opening 20 minutes being comfortably the better team.

The whole 'let's play football' thing is great in theory but with the current XI...not so much. We're ticking down to a comical gift from our defence, you can see it coming a mile away.

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1 minute ago, Phillips455 said:

So has St Johnstone Fan's opinions changed yet?


We are not going to score today. Ther eisteddfod absolutely no attacking threat.


I was minutes away from saying that after 120 league mins not a single one of our new geriatrics has done anything to justify their 2-year signings then Murphy goes and does that. The four of them have been absolutely shite otherwise. 

We have not been good. Motherwell have been worse

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Considine is absolutely done at this level. It's painful to watch. McGowan no better. 

Mahon must either be shite or maybe he tried a nutmeg in training once. 

Saints commentators saying the back three are excellent and Gordon might have to wait months for an injury or suspension to get back in. 


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