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Scotland in the UEFA Regions Cup 2023


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What is effectively a national Scotland amateur team - though billed 'Central Scotland' - opened their qualifying group with a creditable 4-1 win over the Georgian region of Basiani (in Eastern Anatolia) today. Next up is the host Bosnian canton of Zenica Doboj on Thursday, then Israeli club Hapoel Bikat Hayarden on Sunday.

Only the group winner progresses to finals.

Scottish squad:

David Tait     (Campsie Minerva, Central Scottish AFL)
Michael Watson     (Lesmahagow, Central Scottish AFL)

Chris Cairns     (Tollcross Thistle, Lothian & Edinburgh AFL)
Martyn Cairns     (Stewarton United, Ayrshire AFL)
Ian Paterson    (Goldenhill, Central Scottish AFL)
Gary McCulloch     (Gartcosh United, Central Scottish AFL)
Arran Gosman    (Meadowbank, Lothian & Edinburgh AFL)
Gavin Moffat     (Cupar Hearts, Kingdom of Fife AFL)

Ryan McColl     (St Patrick's FP, Central Scottish AFL)
Jack Buchanan     (Dumbarton Academy FP, Caledonian AFL)
Robbie Hurst     (Doune Castle, Caledonian AFL)
Liam Rowan     (St Patrick's FP, Central Scottish AFL)
Richie Lawson       (Cupar Hearts, Kingdom of Fife AFL)
Stewart O'Neill     (Tollcross Thistle, Lothian & Edinburgh AFL)

Ciaran McElroy          (St Patrick's FP, Central Scottish AFL)
Lee Hadden     (Wishaw High School FP, Central Scottish AFL)
Kyle Imrie     (Bannockburn, Central Scottish AFL)
Robert McKenzie     (Sandys, Lothian & Edinburgh AFL)
Michael Yuill     (Tollcross Thistle, Lothian & Edinburgh AFL)

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We've a fairly terrible record in this tournament since it began in 1999 - indeed we've never reached a finals, plus have never won more than 1 game in qualifying group stage. Fingers crossed...

1999     qualifying group     lost 2-0 to Eire, beat Netherlands 2-1, lost 2-0 to England                                                      failed to qualify
2001     qualifying group     beat Northern Ireland 2-1, lost 4-0 to Netherlands, drew 2-2 with Luxembourg     failed to qualify
2003     qualifying group     drew 1-1 with Latvia, lost 4-0 to Sweden, lost 4-0 to Eire                                                        failed to qualify
2005     qualifying group     lost 3-0 to Belgium, lost 2-0 to France, lost 5-0 to Spain                                                           failed to qualify
2007     pre-qualifying          beat Latvia 3-0, drew 2-2 with Finland, lost 1-0 to Northern Ireland                               failed to progress into qualifying group
2009     qualifying group     lost 3-0 to Italy, lost 3-0 to England, lost 5-1 to Eire                                                                     failed to qualify
2011     qualifying group     lost 3-0 to Portugal, lost 2-1 to Switzerland, beat Belgium 3-2                                             failed to qualify
2013     qualifying group     lost 6-1 to Germany, lost 4-2 to Hungary, lost 6-2 to Czech Republic                               failed to qualify
2015     pre-qualifying          drew 0-0 with San Marino, lost 2-1 to Greece, beat Slovenia 3-1                                        progressed into qualifying group
"               qualifying group     lost 2-0 to England, lost 2-0 to Slovakia, lost 1-0 to Germany                                                failed to qualify
2017     pre-qualifying          drew 1-1 with Lithuania, beat Estonia 9-0, beat Sweden 1-0                                                  progressed into qualifying group
"               qualifying group     beat Malta 5-0, lost 3-0 to Ukraine, lost 4-0 to France                                                                failed to qualify
2019     pre-qualifying          lost 2-1 to Romania, drew 3-3 with Slovenia, drew 1-1 with Georgia                                failed to progress into qualifying group

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We drew 0-0 with the Bosnians on Thursday, while the Israelis beat the Georgians 2-1.


Scotland     P2     4pts, +3
Bosnia          P2     4pts, +1
Israel            P2     3pts, 0
Georgia       P2     0pts, -4

Unfortunately this perhaps favours the hosts tomorrow as their Georgian opponents are eliminated.

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