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Dunfermline Athletic vs Alloa Athletic

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  • Stoo61 changed the title to Dunfermline Athletic vs Alloa Athletic

Always see Alloa (and East Fife are similar) as teams we should have a very good record against given the resources we have etc, but a team that we struggle against. Plenty draws and defeats in recent years both when we've been on the up and when we've been pretty poor. Think it'll be tight but the longer Falkirk's run keeps going the more important it is we just get a result. The bad news is my brother is coming and going to the game and I can't remember the last time he's seen us win in the flesh.

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Since being turned over 4 0 at Airdrie Alloas defence has tightened right up, but we are struggling a bit to score at the other end.

Bearing in mind we are going against the best defence in the league by some distance, I'd be tempted to change the frontline and put Donnelly in for Sammon. Not really a slight on the big striker who has done the business for us this season, I just think the type of service he needs may well be limited on Saturday. Donnelly offers a bit more in terms of dropping deep and linking play which we will definitely need at the weekend.

A win would be fantastic, but would be more than happy with a point- fairly obvious observations when going up against the league leaders.


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We were a bit unlucky the opening game of the season at EEP, losing to a cross/shot that Hogarth misjudged.

Agree about swapping out Sammon for Donnelly. Think MacIver offers more than Sammo in link up play. Probably bring Durnan in at CB then have one of Strachan or Church drop out.

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1 hour ago, Heaton said:

Our defence isn't what it was unfortunately. Hasn't been for a few weeks now. 

Since Fisher left.  It's a bit frustrating to see Dundee take him back, play him at right back when he's played very well as right centre back all season, then drop him. Hopefully we can take him in the summer when he's out of contract.

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Pars fans you aint foolin anyone with your false trepidation, 

you should win this given our poor away form and lack of goals

But who knows ?  😉


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