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7 minutes ago, pub car king said:

Aside from shippingb2 shite goals Scotland have done alright tonight and have dominates the 2nd half. 

Reminds me of the Euro 2020 game in that Scotland have looked the better side in general play and have a better shape, but lack the cutting edge to make the most of it.

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Didn't watch it all but from what I saw that's a pretty encouraging performance against one of the best teams in the world. Could easily have allowed heads to drop and lost five or six when it was two-nil. Good character, just lacking a bit of cutting edge.

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My English mate sometimes wonders why we get all McGlashan at times in this country.

So here we have, on a supposed UK national channel (ITV although it's STV which makes it worse) mostly English commentators with a token Scot in the studio, like England were playing a foreign side. 

Radio Scotland for me with the telly sound turned down.

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Decent performance but for the odd error. And a ref who had read the MIGHTEE LIONESSES script.

Kirsty Hanson alone was down for three minutes before being subbed. And then only 3m stoppage time in total?

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