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Dundee United v Kilmarnock

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36 minutes ago, Sarto Mutiny said:

Kilmarnock will score at least once. If we could score more than they do, that would be helpful.

On the other hand, I hear Airdrie is lovely at this time of year

Now you're just exaggerating to make us feel better. Airdrie has never been lovely anytime of the year!

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3 minutes ago, ArabFC said:

The problem is, and while I accept it may seem improbable, Newman might actually be worse.

From what we have seen of Newman he doesnt look great however he will at least try to make saves which is more than can be said for the nightmare from down under.

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Can't wait until this season is over. Its bizarre to think there's a series of results that could see us safe tonight, so completely have I written off it's likelihood. 

Comfortable home win.

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