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Women's World Cup 2023


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34 minutes ago, Jacksgranda said:

Switzerland v Norway. I'm enjoying this one, although it could do with a goal.

Am hoping Norway win so all the teams will be on 3pts.

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3 hours ago, AyrshireTon said:

That was a bit of a farce.

”Decision is no goal, no goal, no offside, goal, goal!”

Players had no idea what was going on.

I thought the last 2 were both offside.

Enjoying the Canada v Ireland game.

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On 19/07/2023 at 23:05, BucksburnDandy said:

Obviously would like to see England crash out unexpectedly early but my second hope is Ireland get pumped out in the groups too. Their style of play is brutal to watch (yes it did for our underachieving Scotland team) and I'm a bitter human being.

Hope two achieved. Fingers crossed now for hope one.

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OK. My observations as someone who watches a lot of football when I can.

Yes, there are terrible games at the FWWC but that's to be expected. I we had tried to have 32 teams at WC 74 or 78 it would be the same.

There maybe are 32 world class teams in women's football (i am not sure but I'll give them the benifit of the doubt) unfortunately group global qualifying (just like the men's) means a lot of weaker sides qualify.

I'm very much a fan of FWWC and welcome newbies, even if they get humped, it's like 70's and early 80's mens world cup.I think folks are jusr annoyed that the best two teams are likely USA and England and that's hard to stomach for some "traditional old boy" supporters

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