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The Binos VS The Accies

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Local game for me this, and looking forward to it. Haven't been to Forthbank since our last visit in one of the cups.

I was confident we'd win last week, not feeling the same for this. Stirling look like they're a well organised compact side, that limit opponents to few chances. i'm sure the Falkirk game was a one off, and could be put down to the fact they had a very tough cup match a few days earlier, which by the look of things, they gave their all to try and get a result.

A criticism from the Montrose game and you could argue all games so far, is we aren't taking a lot of the chances we get when they come along, which so far hasn't been an issue, but I think could be here. 

It looks like Rankin likes consistency, so I expect the same line up that we have been going with. But I would be tempted to change it up considering its away at a tough venue against a team that will cause us more problems than we've had so far. I'd like to see One and Henderson start, as they've been terrific from the bench and want to see if they can have that impact over 70-90 minutes.

I might be in the minority for this one, but I would keep Smith in goals even if Fulton is ready, as he really hasn't put a foot wrong. A partnership will be building between him and the defence and I wouldn't want to disturb that unless there's a really good reason.

I'll stay positive and predict a 1-0 win to the Accies.

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If we play like we did on Saturday, I'm convinced we'll win. We had 3 golden chances on Saturday and I'm sure we'll be more lethal. 

I'd start One ahead of Winter but other than that I'm happy to keep the team as is. Think it would be harsh to drop Smith when we've currently went 4 games without conceding and for a pretty short keeper I've been impressed with how well he gathers crosses. 

I do think this will be our toughest game so far but I'll remain optimistic. 2-0 Accies.

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We have a massive defensive crisis and think we are down to one single centre half now. 

We only had half a subs bench on Saturday and things have got worse since then. Manager trying to get some bodies in I believe. 

We have great team spirit and togetherness which has been carrying us to results, but like the Falkirk game, I wonder if this will be a step too far.

With this team I always have hope though.

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I expect this to be the toughest test we've faced so far this season and I expect the game to be very close. I think this will be the first league game that we concede a goal in. I think we'll just do enough to win but it will be very close. I would bring Henderson and Oné (if he's still here by Saturday) in for O'Hara and Winter potentially a new face or 2 in by Saturday as well we will have to wait and see what can happen. Stirling 1-2 Accies.

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With our injuries in defence, can only see this going one way. Accies should win this fairly comfortably. 

We're also struggling to score in the league, with just one goal from open play in four matches, and even that was a bit of a fluke. 

Our strength this season, Falkirk game apart, has been our mental toughness and defensive stability. I'm not sure the latter will be available at the weekend. Hopefully the former will be good enough to maybe snatch a point. 

2-0 Accies. To be honest, this is one of our 'free hit' games this season anyway. 

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tWe are probably going to have 1 of our regular back four. There is no cover to speak of.

This in turn is probably going to mean midfielders playing at the back.,  weakening the midfield.

Can't see any help coming in the short term.

Always thought the squad seemed thin with defensive cover a particular weakness.

I'd be delighted with a draw

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It's been said above, but this really is a free hit for us and with everything that appears to be going on with the Defence, I'm not really expecting us to come away with the 3 points.

This squad has a way of proving people wrong though and despite only winning league games 1-0, I genuinely think there is goals in the squad, so there is a chance, however I expect Hamilton will simply have too much for us this week.

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