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6 minutes ago, Captain_Sensible said:

I’d rather Celtic win that. Got to think long term instead of short term glory. 

Agree. Anything that keeps one of the clubs likely to be ‘in and around us’ from getting three points the better. Helps also when the club concerned have a shite playing surface and bring three men and a dug’ to the intimidating arena that is the SMiSA Hellhole, littered with the severed limbs of our hapless opponents that we boot off the park every second Saturday. Better for us that Celtic rattle seven past those administration cheats.

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15 hours ago, djchapsticks said:

You can likely add Jimmy Sanderson and Owen Coyle to that list of likely signings under MacDonald as well. MacDonald might have been a superb manager for us but then again he might not have been given that David Hay on paper certainly also made sense but was an utter disaster. He'd been a success everywhere he'd been until that point but MacDonald had also made a consistent success of things at Hearts.

Think the seeds of our downfall had probably been sewn by that point and any manger coming in would have been up against it.

We’ll never know but it’s  defo a what might have been

Hay achieved most of his “success” at Celtic whereas McDonald achieved his success at Hearts (at least initially) on a shoestring.

He signed guys like Jardine, Levein, Whittaker, Berry, Black, Clark & Colquhoun to compliment John Robertson and Gary Mackay. Genius signings. 

When Hay arrived, he had big money to spend and spent the majority on his ex Celtic chums, Aitken, Baillie, Reid & Elliot as well as Charnley. He failed to bring in a striker.

He inherited a few decent players, Money, McWhirter, Black, McGowne, Martin (there’s a half decent defence right there), Lambert, Torfason, Shaw. even Stickroth &. Kinnaird.

Indeed, Shaw turned out to be a half decent striker with Partick & Dundee and Hay gave him away as part of the Elliot / Charnley deal. He then had to sell Brian Martin to balance the books after signing Lex Baillie. What a disaster. 

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15 minutes ago, Derry Alli said:

Can somebody change the topic title, I come here looking for chat on the game. Not a St Mirren/Celtic love in or who played for teams 40 years ago. FS.

What aspects of the game do you wish to discuss? 

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The correct answer here is that st Mirren want to maintain the coefficient and thus the automatic champions league spot for their imminent domestic domination. Therefore you don’t want Celtic taking the 2nd champions league spot as they’re absolutely stinking in Europe. You want livi to win. 

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