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League Two Season 2024/25 Predictions

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Still very early days but may as well have a go:

1. Clyde (predicting this very cautiously)

2. Peterhead (promoted via play-offs as we cannot be apart)

3. Elgin City

4. The Spartans

5. East Fife

6. Forfar Athletic

7. Stirling Albion (A lot of what’s going on at Stirling Albion strikes me as very similar to what last pre-season was like for Clyde. Not a lot of good feeling around the club and things look pretty disorganised from the outside. A season of consolidation for the Binos probably wouldn’t be the worst outcome in the long-term.)

8. Bonnyrigg Rose

9. Stranraer

10. Edinburgh City (Sorry Edinburgh, I hope things are looking brighter for you and there have been a couple of solid additions but it’s still a fairly weak looking squad on paper. I’ll watch how Connor Young gets on with interest as there’s definitely a player in there but he could go from looking very good to completely anonymous for us last season).

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On 28/06/2024 at 23:56, the_bully_wee said:

1. Clyde
2. It's
3. Silly
4. To
5. Make
6. Predictions
7. Before
8. Squads
9. Are
10. East Fife

Is there some history between Clyde and East Fife ?

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Tbh I would say ourselves, Peterhead and Spartans have the best squads at this point. Plenty time to go in the transfer window though.

Assuming the East Fife as favourites comes from Dick Campbell being manager. It seems like East Fife had a great bounce under him last season but fell off a cliff form-wise then signed up pretty much the same squad. Couple decent friendly performances but that means nothing.

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At this point the winner will come from Clyde, Peterhead or Spartans with Hale Baw Elgin the outsider.

East Fife have the same dull squad as last season to date and will fair no better unless their remaining recruitment takes a miraculous upturn in quality. 

Edinburgh are the obvious favorites for bottom but have actually signed better than I thought they would be able too.

The remaining four will be more likely to join them in a relegation battle than compete for top four in my expert opinion.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, crawfordsbarmyarmy said:

Mcbookies have this up if it helps anyone


Were East Fife not the bookie's favourites at the start of last season as well?

Odds from Hills and Betvictor.




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10 hours ago, Cambuslang Fifer said:

Mental to think Clyde and Peterhead everyone's favorites on here so far 😂


Aye can’t believe folk are making the teams with the most money and best players favourites, quite mad

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Clyde will win the league. One of their fans said a few weeks ago on here that their form from January was title winning, which I thought was bullshit but it actually wasn't. They'll piss this league with that improved squad. Spartans to finish second. Peterhead look weaker than last season to me but will be good enough for the play offs. Agree that Elgin looks a decent outside bet. Not sure where East Fife are getting their confidence from, the same shit squad as last season and a lot of folk expecting Dick to work wonders with it, possible but not probable. A lot of folk have Edinburgh City bottom for obvious reasons but I think Stirling Albion and in particular Forfar look in a bit of bother at this stage. Stirling are well behind in almost every department thanks to a shambolic summer but I think Maybury will cobble enough together there to keep them safe. Ray McKinnon seems to be assembling the most uninspiring and uncreative squad that this league has ever seen, I really can't see where that team gets goals from at all. Suspect Stranraer fight it out with the clubs at the bottom, no idea what Bonnyrigg will do.

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Stirling do seem to be having all the same issues as we did last summer but most aren't as severe.

Relegated via play-offs, managerial appointment issues, board that communicates next to nothing, in-fighting among fans on here with someone accused of not actually supporting the club, going into the season with a big name GK for part-time football who is past their best, Erik Sula is playing for them, red home top presumably etc.

The positives are Edinburgh having their hands tied means they should be a buffer from bottom spot. I also think the players they've kept hold of would have walked into our team at the start of last season and they actually have a manager, with a decent track record in League 2 as well.

A similar shambles but starting from a better base.

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