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Done my weekly Sunday btts coupoun

Picks 5games at evens or better regardless of team v team within 10secs usually,Hand £2 & get 64.53 back courtesy of games....






Studying long gone,Waste o time...

Ps. Funny thing i was walkin to counter and thought this really has no chance, Old sayin dont change your mind eh

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Not clicked on this thread for Very long while either

Today had 6fold btts


Gent (Scored in 90th min)

Standard Leige




Paying 35/1 with all teams selected in less than minute max in shop and simply went for 5/6 shots or Evens

Who needs form eh :-D:-D

Number 2 o 2 above from other week

Normally takes me two years to get two coupouns up as oppose 5week with my new wonderful selection system, Bookies beware:D

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My mate got over 700 for a 15 quid btts and win teble of Man Utd, Citeh and Everton. I couldn't believe it but he posted a picture on a social networking site.

I can. You need 2-1 or above on all three, including the loser scoring in each case. How often would that happen, three out of three?

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