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How long do they take to credit your account with the £25 after opening an account and betting a tenner or will they take the huff because i won with my 1st bet(Mick is back 18:25 Sandown) .

Couple of months mate, quidco ain't a quick service!

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£10 on a Falkirk and Dundee Utd double = £75.60

£20 on Falkirk (handicapped @ -1) to beat Gretna = £100

£5 on Celtic/Killie draw = £21.67

Lost £20 on the Morales v Diaz fight.

I'm waiting on two wee accumulators....

£2.50 on Killie/Celtic draw, Man Utd/Chelsea draw, Hearts/Hibs draw

£5 on Chelsea/Man Utd draw, Le Mans win, Lyon win, Hearts/Hibs draw

Edit: Baws. :(

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Brilliant! Well done.

What are you spending it on?

Dunno , Prolly just make a night of it on Sat now , i'll be in Glasgow city center anyway for the game :) PS i never thought i would cheer a OF goal , but i cheered when Novo scored last night , scored just after i got home from the QOTS game

Tonight im taking

Man U





£10 (Splashing out after last nights win) - £230 roughly if it comes up

Willi Hill online

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