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Im intrigued to see what sort of reception Barney will get.

Indifferent so far in the Taylor v Lewis match.


Brilliant checkout from Jackpot to take the first leg. If Lewis keeps his focus then this one could go all the way.

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There were some high quality darts throughout the night, but overall it was a little disappointing in terms of competition with all four winners going through very comfortably. The semi-finals will hopefully be a completely different matter.

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A tickle of tungsten.

UNDERSTACKA needed lol good old sid.

Anyways ni really think the power coud white wash barney hear.this is the worse ive seen him play since i started whatscting darts.No confidence, no stature,no tayloresquefinishes as sid would say,

But i hope and i really hope that the big dutchman can do it tonight against the power GAME ON..

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If there's one thing we should have learned this year, it's that you can NEVER write off Barney. Even when he is low in confidence he can produce the goods. I only hope he does the same tonight and gives a cracking game.


Set One : 2-3

Set Two : 2-3

Set Three : 3-0

Set Four : 3-1

Set Five : 3-2

Set Six : 3-0

Set Seven : 3-1

Set Eight : 2-3

Set Nine : 3-0

* What was the point of all of that dancing ? If I want that, I'll buy the Riverdance DVD or something.

* Delighted with how this has opened. Taylor taking 12 darts to start a leg was pretty funny. Barney isn't at his best, but he doesn't have to be. Expect Taylor to turn it up a notch. God knows if Barney will keep up if that happens.

* This is fantastic ! Taylor just hasn't showed up here ! Barneveld is doing just enough every time to keep Taylor at bay. This has been lacklustre stuff from both men, but also incredibly engaging.

* See what I was saying about what happens when Taylor steps it up ? Barney really hasn't been able to stick with him for the last couple of sets, and on the odd occaision where he DOES have a chance, he doesn't take it often.

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