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What Are You Drinking ?

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1 hour ago, Craig fae the Vale said:

Aye they were both bloody good. 

No beer for me tonight, picking Mrs fae the Vale up in town at the back of eleven. Have stocked up the fridge with some non-alcoholic beers but it's not really the same!



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Young Henry’s Rabbitohs Glory Haze XPA. They ran a competition in collaboration with the South Sydney Rabbitohs to come up with the winning name which I didn’t win. Like the can in the Rabbitohs colour. An extremely pleasant ale which is just as well as I ordered  a carton (16) of it when it was on pre-sale. 


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From Shifty Lizard Brewing Co., Willunga, South Australia this is Stouty McStout Face which believe it or not is a stout. It’s lower strength than a lot of other stouts at 5% but it’s a good drop.

This roasty toasty black gold is your answer to an all year-round stout lover. An even balance of Roasted Barley and Light Chocolate malt will give you delicate coffee flavours and light chocolate richness before the Med Crystal Malt sweetens it up ever so slightly. Cascade hops are added at 3 stages to give a light citrus twist


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Stone & Wood from Byron Bay brew some good beers and this is another, Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale. A limited release brewed using 3 varieties of Australian hops. Had this once before and it was definitely worth buying again.


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11 hours ago, Craig fae the Vale said:

Absolutely outstanding stuff from Overtone. 

Got this in Ellie's Cellar in Helensburgh, great wee shop.


Really miss the Ellie's Cellar in Linlithgow.

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