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  1. In our last nine games, we've faced each side in the league; three wins, three draws, three losses. Much-improved form, no doubt, but the losses were all ruinous six-pointers against Elgin, Stranraer and Forfar. If we're to stand a chance of avoiding the play-off then we need to take points off these sides in the next quarter; we've seen ample evidence now that it's a mentality thing and not a quality thing in these fixtures, so hopefully that big win at the weekend instils some belief and swagger in them ahead of what will be a very tough game, in spite of Elgin's poor away record. Howie back in for Sula if he's fit but other than that, no changes please (maybe Kabia in for Scullion if he's fit). 

  2. I'm still finding it very hard to conceive of what I witnessed this afternoon; though our situation remains precarious, it's one of those days that makes you glad you bother, in spite of all logic or reason. 2-1 would've been a dream result, but to experience the cadence of comfort that the second-half goal glut brought was something quite extraordinary. I just pray that this marks a turning point for what has been a fragile group thus far. As much as Stenhousemuir are hitting a sticky run with an injury or two, we must draw enormous confidence from this.

  3. Jordan Allan today was everything we were missing in midweek. Ross Meechan just could not handle him. While 6-1 flattered us, and everything seemed to go in, there can be no argument about us deserving victory today. Sula was excellent and showed why he should've been starting midweek, Lyon acquitted himself very well too. But Allan was the one that made everything tick; I thought "here we go again" as his shot for the second goal hit the inside of the post, but he got the piece of luck he deserved and tucked away the rebound. He was immense today, along with so many of them.

    This means nothing if we don't build on it, though. The Clyde backing - though (understandably) a bit reduced in number - was terrific today, even when we went behind. Hopefully this can be a turning point for players and fans and we can start to believe a bit.

    White kit every week now, please.

  4. 3 hours ago, Sons fan 1872 said:

    Sean murdoch the referee Tommorow I’m sure he’s the ex Dunfermline keeper . Re Tommorow 3 points is a must but for a team short on attackers and haven’t won at home in 3 months and against a decent side will be tough 

    I was pretty impressed with Murdoch when we played Spartans recently, and don't think he'll be jobbing about this level for long at all. At least you have a decent refereeing performance to look forward to tomorrow, if nothing else.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Clyde01 said:

    Aye, thank goodness you got to see out the last 10 minutes of heartless tripe in peace because the dissenters, just like the players, had chucked it.

    For what’s it’s worth I did think the shouts were a bit excessive but it was hardly a constant stream of vitriolic bile. Telling fellow fans to f**k off and not come back in defence of a bunch of gutless charlatans who will be off out the door at the first opportunity is hardly the way forward though.

    Plenty of embarrassing ‘Haud me back’ type aggression on both sides of the spat but if you pay your money you are entitled to your opinion. Just as the ‘we know how bad it is but give us peace’ gang are entitled to slip off quietly and celebrate the fact that we put Forfar under pressure for 10 minutes. 

    It was truly joyous compared to experiencing the same in the five minutes before, only with the foaming-mouthed mewlings of that specky boy soundtracking it. 

    It kicked off when, during a lull in play, the aforementioned embarked on a good twenty to thirty second tirade, shouting essentially the same thing paraphrased with different swear words and insults. If, as you say, these players will be away at the first opportunity, what good will it do anyone to make them even less arsed by constantly berating them? Would you be more inclined to try harder for a cause you don't care all that much about if you were being bollocked constantly? We all know from experience that things turning toxic rarely ends well, and what we've got at present - manager and players - are all that we can call upon to turn this shitshow around; we can't change anything else now. It's clear that the players' confidence is extremely fragile and that it evaporates the moment something goes against them in a game, and getting on their back as some are is not conducive to any manner of remotely positive outcome in May.

    I think most of us experience frustration at games and have the odd outburst, but that pish definitely crossed the line and then some. Nobody celebrated any of that tonight, but thankfully the majority of rational folk seem to understand the very basic reality that either encouraging the team or simply holding your tongue are far better options than slamming a bunch of guys who are not going to magically get any better off the back of being constantly bodied.

  6. 2 minutes ago, David W said:

    The positives are that we won't ever seen Kinnear lobbed from halfway. He looks absolutely petrified to come off his line. And I'll probably not have to bother with Elgin on the final day.

    I wouldn't be so sure, David; he was left scrambling by that dipping Skelly effort and then was also back-peddling rather hurriedly for a cross-cum-shot later on. I remarked at the game about his rootedness to his line for the opener; I'd need to see it again but my initial thought was that he should've been coming to punch that, at the very least. 

    Hopefully that is the last time we ever have to see Peter Grant starting for Clyde. Nothing against the guy, but to say his legs have gone is a complete understatement. 

  7. 39 minutes ago, Clyde01 said:

    If you were more raging at someone calling the players out for being a shower of c***s than you were about the product on the field and state of the club then it says a lot. Pathetic little happy clapping snakes wanting us to quietly slink off to oblivion without making a fuss.

    If, as I suspect is the case, this is being said in defence of the three absolute dullards near the centre of the stand who were boring dozens of folk around them to death with their constant stream of vitriolic bile, then I can only laugh. Not bellowing at players and repetitively calling them everything under the sun for 90 minutes doesn't make reasonable fans "happy clappers", as they were informed by many around them, several of whom they meekly tried to square up to. Thankfully we were allowed to see out the final ten minutes or so in relative peace as they finally shut the f**k up for fear of a leathering.

  8. This is the kind of game in which we've generally done well over the last month or so - one in response to a ruinously bad result that we are firmly second favourites in. We're getting to a point now, however, where pressure exists to get a result in these games. I suspect we will improve on tonight's showing (that won't be hard!), but that Stenhousemuir will simply have too much for us. 

  9. The poor current form constitutes a massive drop-off, of course, but the more compelling grounds for canning Farrell is the fact that the pattern of starting brightly and completely falling apart has now been a feature of each of his seasons in charge. There's no doubt he has a keen eye for a player, but the football he has the team playing is all a bit too nicey-nice. At 2-0 up I'd have been bricking it against most sides today, but I never really felt that Dumbarton were capable of mounting a serious late challenge. A very soft side, and that's the key difference between yourselves and Stenhousemuir.

  10. Good to see Uncle Faz sharing a smile and a joke with Ray Grant as he disappeared down the tunnel. Howie will be a big miss for us, and I'd have fancied Allan to get a bit of change out of Andy Munro. What a tool!

    Still, three well-earned points; it was always going to take coming up against such a soft-centred side, but hopefully that gives them a big boost. Cammy Ballantyne's heat map must look like a bright red rectangle.

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